Withdraw gCOTI

If the APY boost of a deposit is at its maximum and you decide to withdraw COTI, an equivalent amount of gCOTI will also be withdrawn from the deposit. For example, if the APY boost is at its maximum in a deposit and you withdraw 50% of the COTI in the deposit, 50% of the gCOTI in the deposit are withdrawn as well.

gCOTI however can always be withdrawn without withdrawing COTI with it.

Overall there must always be an equal amount or more COTI than gCOTI in a deposit.

1.) In your COTI Viper Wallet click on "Treasury".

2.) Next to the deposit including gCOTI click on "Manage"

3.) Click on "Withdraw"

4.) In order to withdraw gCOTI, enter the amount you would like to withdraw or use the slider in the section "APY Boost". (You can also withdraw COTI alongside gCOTI by entering the amount or using the slider in the section "Deposit balance".)

5.) Check the summary on the right side and click on "Withdraw".

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