The COTI foundation

The COTI Foundation is an independent non-profit organization, dedicated to the advancement and adoption of the COTI network.

The COTI foundation's objectives are:

  • Awareness and education

  • Adoption

  • Infrastructure development

  • Network security

With the introduction of COTI V2 there will also be an Ecosystem Fund.

The COTI Foundation intends to utilize the Ecosystem Fund to expand COTI’s ecosystem, strengthen community ties, and enhance outreach efforts. This may involve reinforcing treasury rewards, improving liquidity across exchanges, securing additional token listings, or initiating targeted strategic campaigns.

Through the Ecosystem Fund, COTI Foundation has the potential to accelerate the development, deployment, and utilization of privacy-centric Web3 applications. In fact, several developers have already been engaged to ensure that COTI launches with unique projects running on day one.

A total of two 200M $COTI token tranches from the existing supply will be earmarked for the Ecosystem Fund. These tokens will be granted with locking conditions and will be conservatively reflected in the circulated supply once allocated. Upon the launch of the COTI V2 mainnet, the newly minted tokens designated for the ecosystem allocation will be directed to the Ecosystem Fund. The governance and management of the fund is entrusted to the COTI Foundation, underscoring our dedication to cultivating a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem.

Startups or developers interested in applying for funding through the COTI Ecosystem Fund will be able to submit their applications early next year. COTI looks forward to supporting innovative Web3 startups and expanding the COTI ecosystem.

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