Withdraw COTI

You can withdraw your enitre deposit/rewards or part of your deposit/rewards at any time. The withdrawal fee will be dynamic, and will take into account the duration of the deposit, regardless of the locking period. The longer the deposit is kept in the Treasury, the lower the withdrawal fee will be, going as low as 0.4%. (For more information check Treasury Fees.) If you withdraw the entire deposit balance, your accumulated rewards will be automatically withdrawn and your deposit will be closed.

Please note that withdrawing a deposit when it is within an active lock period will be subjected to a differential early withdrawal fee calculated based on the remaining lock time (2% max). This fee will be reduced based on the elapsed time since the beginning of the lock period. All rewards accumulated during the active lock period will be liquidated and distributed as rewards in the Treasury. If you claim all your rewards and then decide to make a withdrawal while the deposit lock period is active, the platform will deduct the amount of the claimed rewards during the active lock period from the withdrawn deposit along with fees and an early withdrawal fine.

If the APY boost of a deposit is at its maximum and you decide to withdraw COTI, an equivalent amount of gCOTI will also be withdrawn from the deposit. For example, if the APY boost is at its maximum in a deposit and you withdraw 50% of the COTI in the deposit, 50% of the gCOTI in the deposit are withdrawn as well.

gCOTI however can always be withdrawn without withdrawing COTI with it.

Overall there must always be an equal amount or more COTI than gCOTI in a deposit.

1.) In your COTI Viper wallet click on "Treasury".

2.) Next to the the deposit you would like to withdraw click on "Manage".

3.) If you only want to withdraw (parts of) your Rewards click "Rewards" if you would like to withdraw the entire deposit or parts of your deposit click on "Withdraw"

4.) Enter the amount or percentage of your rewards/deposit you would like to withdraw.

5.) Choose which address the funds should be sent to:

6.) You will receive a summary of the rewards/the withdrawal including all fees and the final amount you will receive.

7.) Finally click on "Claim" / "Withdraw".

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