gCOTI Tokenomics

gCOTI is the governance token of the COTI treasury an has certain utility within the COTI treasury.

gCOTI as well as the treasury are currently not supported by the Ledger wallet.

There is a fixed total supply of 1 billion (1,000,000,000) gCoti that are distributed as follows:

Airdrop campaign

8.5% to 10% (depending on the amount deposited, the rest will be alocated to the reserve)


18% (3 years linear vesting with 6 months cliff)



42% (distributed as APY to Treasury participants 5 years from the completion of the airdrop campaign)


30% to 31.5% (will be distributed as per governance decision for the benefit of the ecosystem; 2 years cliff)

The community tokens and reserve tokens will be distributed as per actual usage and requirements of the platform, but for demonstration purposes, the graph assumes linear vesting over 5 years and 3 years, respectively

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