Minting and Burning

At DJED and SHEN can be minted and burned. For regulatory reasonsc this may be restricted in certain countries (check at, section 2.5).

1.) Connect a Cardano wallet with sufficient ADA funds on the top right and then click on "Djed stablecoin" or "Shen reservecoin". Don't forget to activate the dAPP connector in your wallet.

2.) Decide whether you would like to mint or burn, enter the amount, check the information including fees and click on "Mint" or "Burn".

3.) Afterwards you can check the status of your mint/burn requests under "Orders".

In order to protect DJED's price stability, the minting of DJED and the burning of SHEN are blocked if the reserve ratio falls below 400%. And in order to prevent a dilution of rewards for SHEN holders, minting SHEN is blocked if the reserve ratio is above 800%. However, DJED can always be burned and DJED and SHEN can always be traded on exchanges.

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