gCOTI APY boost

1 gCOTI always boosts 1 COTI by base APY * 16. So it doesnโ€˜t matter in which deposit you add gCOTI. It may be a good idea to add it to the deposit you plan to keep the longest to get the maximum benefit of your gCOTI and to reduce gCOTI deposit/withdrawal fees.

When you deposit gCOTI in the treasury, gCOTI will provide a boost of up to 1600% on the Treasury Base APY, at a ratio of 1:1 (each gCOTI will boost the APY of 1 $COTI). You can find the current base APY at https://www.innovunode.io/treasury-tools/ (treasury's APY: unlocked, 1x). The gCOTI APY boost calculator will give you an estimate of your APY boost and your total APY.

Users can boost the APY of any Treasury deposit, new or existing, regardless of the locking period, any multipliers, or if it was part of the gCOTI Airdrop Campaign. As the maximum ratio is 1:1, users cannot deposit more gCOTI than they have $COTI deposited in the Treasury.

Itโ€™s important to note that unlike some $COTI deposits, the deposited gCOTI arenโ€™t locked. Even if they are boosting the APY of locked Treasury deposits, users can withdraw their gCOTI deposits at any time.

Keeping in mind that at any given time, there cannot be more gCOTI than $COTI on a single deposit. This means that if a user decides to withdraw an amount of $COTI from a deposit that is receiving a max APY boost, an equivalent amount of gCOTI will also be withdrawn.

Note that the Base APY is dynamic and can change over time.

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