Mobile connection

In case you can't access your PC for some time and you need to access your node, there are several mobile apps that can be used. One that also supports ssh keys and is free in the basic version is Termius.

Using an SSH key and changing your SSH port is highly recommended! Please have a look at GeordieR's node hardening guides.

1.) Download Termius for iOS or Android at

2.) Save your SSH key on your phone.

3.) Open Termius and register or log in.

4.) Select "New Host".

5.) Type in an alias (e.g. COTI testnet), the host name / server name (e.g. and your Port number. Leave the other options as they are. Finally, select "key".

6.) Select "Import Key" and then select the key that you have previously saved on your phone.

7.) Save

8.) Your key will now show up in your list of keys. Select it.

9.) Save

10.) From now on you can select your host from the host list.

11.) Enter the username (usually "root") and select "Connect":

12.) Choose "Select Key" (if you don't use a key - which is highly recommended - you can enter your password and select "Connect")

13.) Enter the passphrase for your key and select "Connect"

14.) Now the terminal will open and you can proceed just like on your PC.

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