Deposit gCOTI

You will need a small amount of gCOTI for transaction fees, so you can't use 100% of your gCOTI. If your transaction can't be confirmed, try to enter a slightly smaller amount of gCOTI. You should also keep some COTI in your COTI Viper Wallet as a small amount is also needed for transaction fees.

1.) In your COTI Viper Wallet click on "Treasury".

OPTIONAL: If you want to boost a deposit from a program, click on "Programs".

2.) Next to the deposit you would like to add gCOTI to click on "Manage"

3.) Click on "APY Boost"

4.) Select an Adress holding gCOTi in the field "From".

5.) Select an adress in the field "Select fee source"

6.) Type in the amount of gCOTI. For gCOTI there is no liquidation risk, no locking period and no multipliers. It is only used to boost the APY of COTI deposits.

You can only deposit a maximum amout of gCOTI that equals the amount of COTI in the deposit (in this example 1,000).

Alternatively, you can use the slider to choose the amount of gCOTI.

7.) Check the summary on the right (the numbers in this example are for demonstration purposes only - for an actual APY boost estimate use the gCOTI APY boost calculator).

8.) Finally click on "Boost".

9.) After the transaction has completed you can see your APY boost.

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