All native gCOTI holders are eligible to vote, regardless of the amount of gCOTI held in the wallet or locked in treasury deposits. Not only the gCOTI held in your wallet but also your gCOTI deposited in the treasury will count. A snapshot identifying your voting power (= the total amount of gCOTI you own) is taken randomly during the 24 hours after the voting closes. The proposal with the most gCOTI voting power, i.e. the proposal that is voted for with the highest amount of gCOTI (not the highest number of votes) passes. You can vote more than once and by that change your vote. Only your latest vote will count. Note that fees apply for casting a vote.

1.) In your COTI Viper wallet go to the governance section.

2.) On the governance screen, the current voting proposal is displayed. Make your choice.

3.) In order to submit your vote, a voting fee of 0.00000001 gCOTI is required. Select the address that is associated with your gCOTI balance.

4.) A transaction fee of 2 COTI is required to vote. Select the address that will be paying the COTI transaction fees.

5.) You will get a summary. Finally click on "Vote".

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