Deposit COTI

At the end of this page you will find video tutorials on making and managing deposits.

You can boost the APY of your deposit by depositing gCOTI.

If you use a multiplier (2x, 3x, 4x or 8x), you will have to watch your health factor closely! Once the health factor of your deposit drops below 1.0, your deposit will be liquidated immediately. 1x is always risk free.

1.) In your COTI Viper Wallet click on "Treasury".

2.) Click on "New Deposit" or on "Manage" next to an existing deposit if you want to top it up.

3.) Choose from which of your addresses you would like to deposit COTI in the treasury.

4.) Enter the amount of COTI you would like to deposit.

Alternatively you can choose which percentage of your funds you would like to deposit in the treasury.

5.) You can choose whether the entered amount should alread include fees by clicking the box.

6.) OPTIONAL: Choose a multiplier. By doing this the APY for your deposit will increase.

Using the multiplier is associated with risk - you can lose your entire deposit. Only 1x multiplier is risk free.

If you use a 2x, 3x, 4x or 8x multiplier, a health factor will show up next to your deposit. It increases and decreases with COTI's market price.

  • If your health factor drops below 1.0, the deposit will be liquidated immediately and will then be sent to the treasury and distributed as treasury rewards.

  • If your health factor drops below 1.3 you will get a liquidation warning (yellow).

  • A deposit with a health factor of more than 1.3 is considered a healthy deposit (green).

If your deposit is at risk of being liquidated, you can take a proactive action in order to reduce the liquidation risk by depositing additional COTI or end your deposit by withdrawing it (note that fees will apply).

Also note that using a 2x, 3x, 4x or 8x multiplier comes with additional treasury fees.

If you are not familiar with the risks of leverage, the risk free 1x multiplier may be the best option for you.

7.) Choose your locking period. The longer you lock your funds the higher the APY. Withdrawing a locked deposid before the end of the locking period comes with additional treasury fees. If you choose "Unlocked" you can withdraw your funds anytime after having them at least for 5 minutes (=minimal engagement period) in the treasury.

8.) You can choose to extend the locking period automatically. Example: A 120 day locking period is extended automaticall by another 120 days once the locking period has ended.

9.) You will get a summary of your deposit. Check it and then click on "I agree to all terms & services" (that you should read at least once) and on "New Deposit".

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