Once your node is running you should set up monitoring.

1.) In Telegram join the COTI Node Monitoring Bot:

2.) Type /start and send it.

3.) Click on "+Add Node".

4.) Choose "Mainnet" or "Testnet".

5.) Choose "URL" and type in your Node's URL and send it or "Node Hash" and type in your node's hash and send it.

Your Node Hash is identical to your public key and can be found in your COTI Viper Wallet under settings --> public key.

6.) If done correctly, you will receive the message "Node saved successfully". Then Click on "Done".

7.) Under "Monitoring Options" make sure that both "Online/Offline" and "Sync/Unsync" are enabled and click on "Return".

8.) Now you will receive a push notification (make sure that the bot is not muted and that notifications for Telegram are enabled on your phone) whenever your node is offline or not synced anymore. When you click on "My nodes" you can see the status of your node(s). Here you can also see if your node uses the latest node version (the node version marked with "(Latest)" if it is up to date).

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