Native COTI is currently available on KuCoin and Huobi. You can withdraw COTI form these to exchanges directly to your COTI Viper Wallet.

If you want to transfer ERC20 COTI from an exchange or an ERC20 wallet to your COTI Viper wallet you need to use the COTI Bridge.

A full list of exchanges can be found at

Be aware that transaction fees for transferring non-native COTI can significantly differ from the transaction fees for transferring native COTI on the COTI network.

If you withdraw from Huobi no tag is needed, but you need to write something in the tag field. You can write anything when withdrawing like 123456.

If you want to deposit COTI on Huobi make sure to enter the tag that shows up under your Huobie receive address when you send COTI from your COTI Viper wallet to your Huobi deposit address.

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