Secret Key and Seed

If you don't want to use the "classic" Viper wallet with secret key/seed but a Ledger wallet instead, first complete these instructions and then set up your Ledger wallet.

Note that gCOTI and the treasury are currently not suppoted by the Ledger wallet.

1.) After having completed the KYC process login at

2.) Choose a secret key that meets the given criteria and type it in in the field "New secret key" . For security reasons it would be best to choose a secret key with 15 characters. Your secret key should also not be identical to your login password.

3.) Type in your secret key again in the field "Confirm new secret key" and click on "Set secret key"

5.) Write down your secret key and your seed.

Make sure to double check your written down secret key and seed and to never give them away by any circumstances. You will lose access to your wallet if you lose your secret key and seed. Also, your funds may be stolen if you give anyone access to your secret key and seed. Be especially careful on social media platforms (e.g. Telegram or Twitter) as scammers may pretend to be COTI support and ask for your secret key and seed or the enter your secret key and seed on a website (e.g. Wallet Connect).

6.) Click on "I've written it down".

7.) From now on when you log in at with your e-mail and password you will be asked to connect with your secret key or seed by entering it in the respective field.

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