Education and Design (Q1 2024)

  • MPC Protocol & End-to-end private data protection on-chain

  • Introduction of the Ecosystem fund and first fund deployment.

  • Co announcement of the full launch of PPN with the enterprise client.

  • Treasury upgrades in preparation for COTI V2.

  • Innovative System Architecture and Privacy Solution: Comprehensive design and environment setup.

Genesis: Foundational Development: Devnet Release (Q2 2024)

  • Release of COTI V2 Whitepaper.

  • Introducing COTI V2 Grant Program.

  • Design partners onboarding.

  • Innovative System Architecture: Comprehensive design and environment setup.

  • Advanced Garbling Protocol:

  • Development of a robust 2-party garbling protocol.

  • Creation of a specialized compiler supporting a subset of the EVM instruction set for efficient circuit integration.

Fusion: Testnet Release (Q3 2024)

  • EVM Integration: An innovative EVM extension compatible with an MPC Simulator, including new opcodes and variable types in Solidity for secret data operations.

  • Client Module.

  • Testnet Rollout: A comprehensive testnet environment that:

  • Seamlessly connects the EVM extension.

  • Implements stateful parties ready for transaction processing.

  • Features a JIT compiler for dynamic garbled circuit assembly.

  • Provides at least one Solidity smart contract for real-world testing.

  • Commencing migration of clients and products from COTI V1 to COTI V2 including COTI and other CMD tokens, PPN clients, and more.

Rebirth: Mainnet Release (Q4 2024)

  • Enhanced Security Framework:

  • Implementation of advanced measures to detect and prevent malicious garblers.

  • Efficient L2 Off-Ramp:

  • Regular MPC updates of Ethereum balances.

  • Simplified user fund withdrawal directly from Ethereum, enhancing user experience and trust.

  • MainNet Execution:

  • Design partners launching.

  • Integration and testing of all preceding developments.

  • Flexibility to increase the number of MPC parties.

  • Continuous refinement of the client module.

  • Finalize the migration process of clients and tokens.

Evolution: Enhanced Mainnet Release (Q1 2025)

  • Enhanced Network Scalability.

  • Enhanced Decentralization.

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