gCOTI bridge: Native to ERC20

You can transfer native COTI to Ethereum by using the COTI bridge 2.0.

The cap for the conversion of native gCOTI to ERC20 gCOTI is currently 500,000 gCOTI per day and 10,000,000 gCOTI total per day.

1.) Go to https://bridge.coti.io/

2.) Choose gCOTI as the asset you would like to convert.

3.) Set the conversion as Trustchain (CMD) to Ethereum (ERC20).

4.) Copy your Ethereum receiving address.

5.) On the bridge page enter your copied Ethereum address as the receiving address.

7.) Enter the amount of the asset that you would like to convert.

8.) Click on "Get Address".

Transaction fees on Ethereum can be significantly higher than on the COTI trustchain. This can result in higher fees as in the image above because the transaction from the bridge address to your Ethereum wallet will be made on Ethereum.

10.) You can click on monitor to check the status of your bridge transaction.

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