Ledger wallet setup

If you would like to use Ledger with your COTI account, follow these instructions:

Supported devices: Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano S+, Ledger Nano X.

Note that making a transaction FROM your ledger wallet can take 4 to 6 confirmations on Ledger.

The treasury and gCOTI are currently not supported by the Ledger wallet!

1.) Install Ledger Live and make sure your Ledger and Ledger Live are updated to the latest version.

2.) Connect your Ledger device to your computer and unlock it.

3.) Confirm "Allow Ledger manager" on your Ledger device.

4.) In Ledger Live, navigate to β€˜My Ledger’ on the sidebar on the left side in Ledger Live.

5.) Search for the COTI app in the navigation bar.

6.) Click "Install" next to the COTI app that will appear now.

7.) On your Ledger Device that is connected to your computer open the COTI app.

8.) Go to https://pay.coti.io/ and after you've signed in choose to connect with Ledger.

9.) Click on "Connect"

10.) Select your Ledger Device in the popup window and click on connect.

Your Ledger wallet is now set up. Note that this Ledger wallet is a separate wallet within your COTI account that exists alongside with your "classic" Viper wallet (with secret key/ seed). In order to use your Ledger wallet you can transfer your assets to it from your "classic" Viper wallet.

If your assets are locked in the treasury or in a campaign you need to withdraw them or wait until the locking period ends and withdraw them in order to be able to send your assets.

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