Transfer to Ledger wallet

Your Ledger wallet is a separate wallet within your COTI account that exists alongside with your "classic" Viper wallet (with secret key/ seed). If your assets are locked in the treasury or in a campaign you need to withdraw them or wait until the locking period ends and withdraw them in order to be able to send your assets.

These instructions show you how to move existing assets from your "classic" Viper wallet to your Ledger wallet.

The treasury and gCOTI are currently not supported by the Ledger wallet!

1.) Log in to your Ledger wallet.

2.) In your Ledger wallet go to "Addresses"

3.) Click on "Generate Addresses". You can generate up to 3 addresses.

4.) Your addresses will show up on the bottom of the page.

5.) Copy a generated address from your Ledger wallet with the symbol next to the address.

6.) Logout and then login to your "classic" Viper wallet with secret key/seed.

7.) Click on Send/Receive

8.) Choose which asset you would like to send.

9.) OPTIONAL: Choose from which of your addresses you would like to send the chosen asset.

10.) Paste your copied Ledger wallet address as the the recepient's address.

11.) Enter the amount of the asset you would like to send. You can include fees in the amount by ticking the box.

12.) OPTIONAL: Enter a transaction description

13.) Check the summary of your transaction and click on "Send"

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