Two Factor Authentication

For additional security you can enable two factor authentication.

1.) Login at

3.) On the bottom of the page click on "Enable" next to Two factor authentication. (Instead of the "Enable" button there may be a switch you have to toggle.)

4.) Click on "Enable" again.

5.) Download the Google Authenticator App on your mobile phone by clicking on the respective link.

6.) Write down the 2FA backup key, double check and don't give it away or enter it anywhere else. You will need it if four any reason you don't have access to your connected Google Authenticator App anymore.

9.) Now 6-digit time sensitive codes for COTI will be generated in your Google Authenticator APP.

10.) On the COTI page enter your COTI login password and the 6-digit code from COTI within the given time and finally click on submit.

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