In order to use COTI's services such as COTI pay or the Treasury you need to open a Viper wallet.

For regulatory reasons, the COTI Viper wallet is not available in certain countries. You can find a list of these countries under COTI's Terms of Service at under section 2.5. (Forbidden Territory).

1.) Go to

2.) If a login page appears click on "New to COTI Pay? Join now". Otherwise proceed with step 4.

3.) Enter your e-mail, set a password and choose your country of residence and click on "SIGN UP"

4.) Verify your e-mail address.

5.) Fill in your information and click on "NEXT"

6.) Choose whether you you would like to provide your passport or your Identity Card for the KYC check and click on "NEXT".

7.) Upload or scan a copy of your passport and click on "NEXT" as well as on the next page.

8) Choose whether you would like to provide a bank statement or a utility bill for verification, upload the file and click "NEXT" as well as on the next page.

9.) Once this process is completed, confirmation will take some days. Check your e-mails regularly. If you haven't received an e-mail after a week, contact

10.) In the e-mail you have received click on "GO TO WALLET" or go to and you can login with your e-mail and password.

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